12 Tips to Keep Your Customers with Salesforce

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23 Sep 2020

It takes a lot of work and money to bring in new prospects. However, building brand loyalty is cheaper and more profitable. How is this possible? All you have to do is make a customer retention strategy. 

Making this type of plan is important for your company’s progress. Imagine having your known customers unsubscribing and unliking your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. It must be a dreadful feeling to have them let go of you. That is why we are here to show you tips on keeping your customers with Salesforce. 

There are many wonders in using this #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the world. Having this kind of platform is a great privilege for your business, and it should be used wisely. We are going to give you advice on keeping your customers in just 12 ways right here. 

1. Integrate your software systems in one centralized database

Get organized and have a 360-degree view of your customer data in just one platform. Integrate Salesforce with your available apps such as Google Cloud, Slack, Mail Chimp, DocuSign, and Dropbox, etc. This is the best move to ensure that your customer service team is informed about every customer with this CRM technology. 

 Unlike before, Marketing and Sales teams are more united than ever. Thanks to this service, everyone now has access to the database from different departments. Details of the customers, such as their purchase history are all in one platform. Whenever there is a call or a complaint, someone from customer service will understand the sentiment right away without the need for the customer to explain everything from scratch.

 Why is this quality of service so important? A survey from ZenDesk stated that 55% of respondents transferred to a different company after bad customer experience. On the other hand, 52% specified that having good customer service made them purchase more from the company. Customer sentiment like this shows how having one central database could help improve customer service. Notice it by looking at this photo from Salesforce.

2. Personalize your interactions with customers 

 After getting a lot of data from interactions with customers, you can use that advantage to personalize your emails. Making your customers feel valued and special is important for them and your business. According to Accenture, a survey stated that 91% of customers are more likely to shop with brands acknowledging and providing relevant offers to them. In a New Epsilon research, it showed that 80% of consumers most likely buy from brands that give them a personalized experience. 

Give your buyers a personalized experience by using their search history to send them some product suggestions. With Salesforce’s email studio, you can create a campaign in Marketing Cloud. If you are using MailChimp, you can integrate Salesforce to manage your email subscribers. What is great about these platforms is that you have options to create layouts and send relevant emails to your followers. 

3. Connect with your customers in social media 

Personally engaging with your customers in social media will humanize your brand. Other benefits include having visibility and knowing your customers better. With Social Customer Service, use the tools to handle and manage social media channels by providing a high quality of connection with your followers. 

Whenever your followers or subscribers reach out to you online, they are easily updated with what is happening in your business. This type of action will bring more brand loyalty while keeping your customers engaged. Your business must be a friend that is extremely reachable. 

Aside from that, you can view customer profiles in your Salesforce dashboard. It is beneficial to check this so you can add a personal touch in your conversations with them. How? In this dashboard you will get to see their interests and what they usually post about.

4. Use Service Cloud as your customer service platform

We mentioned the importance of integrating software systems with Salesforce in one database. Now we are going to discuss using your customer service platform with Service Cloud. This platform lets users find data and important topics or details in one click. It helps maintain an overview of buyers from various devices and channels. 

The best way to retain purchasers is not only marketing but also customer service. In using Service Cloud, the customer service department will have complete information that will help them track common problems of customers. You will notice that all of the data are in one organized software. 

5. Trace customer engagement 

Follow your customer interaction in Salesforce through sorting them by date of previous contacts. With this platform, it is simple to trace customers whose last engagement was around 6 months ago. Tracking the time or dates will help you see what works best for your potential customers. Aside from that, you can use this to give them offers related to their engagements before. 

Using this technique will help you know the most reliable strategies for marketing and sales. It will also make you plan the right time for each customer approach. You can also get insights by tracking changes based on the Source and Lead category. Overall, it is a good way to stay updated with the timeline of your followers. 

6. Keep your customers updated 

Do you have an upcoming event or promo? Are you afraid that your customers will forget their payment? Is your business going to encounter some issues? These are problems you can avoid by reminding your customers. You can send them any type of updates via email or mobile (if they are comfortable with it). 

Make a system that will let them know what is currently happening in your brand. Let your subscribers be informed right away so that they will not receive any delays. Giving your followers a heads-up will make them feel more connected with your business. 

7. Pay attention to your inactive subscribers 

Before dropping your inactive subscribers, think about the potential opportunities that will keep them engaged again. There are many reasons why some click rates are dropping, and your followers stop checking the email you sent. Despite that, you must create a strategy for re-engaging with them. Maybe that will be a good idea for your next email campaign! 

Whenever you solve this issue, you must find creative ways to keep your email subscribers interested again. For example, send them an email that is more enticing and exciting than your usual content. Make it more relevant and engaging for them. To know more about the ways to make your subscribers active again, read this Salesforce article by clicking here

8. Know the reason why customers are leaving 

Your customers left, and it made you feel confused. Instead of letting it bring you down, turn this challenge into an opportunity that will improve your company’s service. You have to know why they dropped off so you won’t have to worry about it happening again. Start using Salesforce Wave Analytics to find out the possible reasons.

Also called Analytics Cloud, this system helps you understand more of customer behavior and lets you collect valuable insights. It shows relevant trends and why there was a decrease in productivity. This platform makes it simpler for decision-makers to make plans for reducing issues and view the entire progress. It also uses AI to guide users in checking opportunities and predicting results from the existing data.

9. Distribute surveys for customer feedback 

Another way to know your audience is to ask them their thoughts on your products. You can easily do this by letting them answer a survey. You can display the form on your social media pages, website Thank You page, or email. Acknowledging your customer’s remarks is a great way to enhance their experience. You can use their answers to improve the quality of your service. 

Make this happen with Salesforce Surveys. Gather feedback and data from your audience by using an editor and keeping it stored. Then use this platform to check the survey results and create reports. 

10. Improve customer service by enhancing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

KPI measures and evaluates the success of businesses, employees, or organizations in reaching their main goals. Using KPIs involves building targets and improving leading indicators. This method is a good way to measure the overall performance of your customer service.

It also helps ensure your employees know that their performance is objectively evaluated. With this, you can offer them rewards if they were able to reach the targeted results. Try improving your customer retention by matching your service’s KPI with your customers’ preferences.

11. Give them a simple gift 

Instead of sending more offers to your brand new customer, show your appreciation by sending them a simple gift. You can send them mugs, cards, elegant snacks, and many more. It does not always have to be grand, since even a small but sincere gesture can make your customer feel valued. 

Integrate Salesforce with ZenDirect to send your customers their gifts so they can remember that your company made them feel special. Personalized interactions with your customers will always create a lasting impact on them.

12. Form partnerships

There are various advantages of using Salesforce to retain your customers. You can do so many things with it to make your business more profitable, but it may be a challenge in knowing where to start. This is why you should invest in a consultant to understand your solutions. 

Here at Third Pillar, we offer services that will help you not only gather new prospects but also keep them. We value our partnerships by helping industries prepare for the future. With our people-oriented approach, we integrate Salesforce into the system so your business will improve in interacting with its audience. 

The best time to prepare your customer retention strategy is now. Start by setting a consultation with us, and we will guide you towards the next level of CRM.