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2 Oct 2020

Thinking about increasing your customer satisfaction rate? Would you like to have a system that improves your marketing strategies and productivity? Then choose Salesforce!  This software has plenty of benefits that will help your company’s growth in surprising ways. 

Back in 1999, Salesforce launched customer relationship management (CRM) in the cloud, and this type of innovation made it easily accessible. This platform came a long way to providing innovative solutions for all kinds of industries. It moved forward to be the leading cloud-based CRM platform.

There are plenty of benefits that this software offers to enterprises. Having Salesforce in your organization will be worth it. We listed down why you should choose this efficient software. 

1. Convenience 

      Having an easy setup is essential when you have a new technology. Salesforce removes all the challenges of setting up a system and makes it simple to use. 

     Log in to Salesforce anytime and anywhere. With only Wi-Fi access, you can contact your colleagues and update customer data outside the office. For example, instead of bringing a logbook, use your smartphone to gather information from your clients. It shows that you can put your needed tasks inside this cloud service. 

2. Easy to customize 

   You can easily customize your platforms by using the features provided. Salesforce’s customization makes adding more modules, shifting workflows, or creating sales strategies achievable with just one click. Using the point-and-click tools, you can integrate apps from AppExchange or develop your personalized application with the Salesforce App Cloud. 

    Aside from that, this software can adapt to changes in your growing company. It has a lot of options for updating and what makes it great is that it does not lose or break the data.

3. Using AppExchange 

       Create your own app or have access to thousands of ready-to-install solutions with AppExchange. It extends the roles of Salesforce towards various companies and provides industries with easy access to develop apps and hundreds of mobile-ready solutions. These include Flows, Lightning Data, and Bolt Solutions. 

     When you are a Salesforce AppExchange partner, you will get access to free and prominent apps, resources, and paid-co-marketing opportunities. It is a great way to bring your business to the market. 

4. One platform for all

     Businesses of every size have the benefits of using one platform and infrastructure. Salesforce’s multitenant architecture ensures that the platform is constantly updated as the customer’s data are secured. This removes the need for customers to intervene.

     It also helps unite your departments—whether it be in marketing, commerce, sales, customer service, and IT—to have a 360-degree view of your customers. All of the data is on one platform, which will make your employees understand your customers better. It helps grow your relationships with purchasers by letting them have a personalized and hassle-free experience.  

5. Integrates into various platforms 

     Salesforce can integrate other apps into one place. It has an open application programming interface (API) that makes it happen. For example, you can integrate apps like MailChimp, Google Cloud, Zendesk, and Dropbox. If you have these apps, then be prepared to see it connected with Salesforce. 

    Information about customer payments, marketing, support, and other backgrounds are displayed on a simple dashboard. This means all your employees and colleagues can see data in one place. 

6. Great reporting tools 

     Salesforce provides various reporting tools that will help you review data and save both your time and money. Their tools can help you achieve the goal of improving business through a simple view of the information relating to sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service. It also helps enhance your performance and engagement with your customers. 

     You can put your reports in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. You can also integrate other platforms like G-Connector, Klipfolio, and Tableau into your Salesforce platform. 

7. Cloud Services 

     All of the necessary data are saved in the cloud. Salesforce has the tools and solutions for Analytics, Services, Marketing, and Sales. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that lets industries use a single program to view information. 

     Salesforce has Sales Cloud, a platform that helps sell your products quickly by focusing on customer data, tracking engagements, and inputting daily tasks of a salesperson. They also include Service Cloud, a program making your services more personalized by providing a 360-degree view of your consumers. Even they have a tool that makes your employees more reachable: Chatter, a secured social collaboration platform, lets users connect, share files, and post statuses. 

8. Mobile-friendly 

    What makes Salesforce stand out is that it is mobile-friendly. This makes it easier to manage your data anywhere because all you need is a smartphone. Having a Salesforce Mobile App will come in handy whenever you are on-the-go. 

     Available on the App Store, this makes the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform portable since employees outside the office have some access to the software. They can connect faster to customers while they carry on the digital experience. 

9. The #1 CRM platform in the world 

     You can do almost anything on one platform. With a single software, you can produce services, understand your consumers, market, use collaborative tools, and develop apps. These traits make Salesforce the #1 CRM platform in the world. 

     One of the most important aspects of CRM is that it helps retain your customers and build a better relationship with them. Salesforce ensures it happens by implementing customization that gives solutions to organizations of all sizes. Even the largest and most prominent corporations count on Salesforce. 

10.  Extensive ecosystem 

    Salesforce has a powerful range of ecosystems that involves partners, developers, and consumers. The Salesforce Success Community helps customers reach out and interact with the company. This program helps find information and provides your much-needed guidance. 

      They have services that help companies experience the outstanding capabilities of developers. Their community is always prepared to make your business strive towards the next level. 

11. It has Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

      What makes Salesforce a leading software is that they have Einstein Analytics, their own AI, in their CRM. This system helps you use the collected data to its full potential. 

   It helps make predictions, uncover insights, achieve your target, analyze workflows, and give suggestions based on the purchaser’s behavior. Overall, Salesforce Einstein avoids challenges that are related to services and helps predict the actions of your potential customers. 

12. Activities in Trailhead

     Need learning content that is fun and engaging? Start using Salesforce’s Trailhead program! It is made to let users learn more about the software. This site is perfect for you and your employees. 

     Looks like there is no need for a training seminar. All you have to do is use your modules at your own pace. You can have access to this exciting program when you have the time to learn more new skills. 

13. Great marketing tools 

      They have their own tools that will benefit your marketing strategies. It enhances your marketing campaign that targets your potential customers, and measures its efficacy at the same time. Not only that, but it also calculates the return of investment (ROI). 

    The features include contact management, lead capture, lead management, campaign management, reporting and analytics, lead nurturing, and dashboards. There is also social media and email integration. This shows that its tools are perfect for marketers. 

14. Security and safety 

  Some companies are hesitant to shift to the cloud service because of security concerns. However, Salesforce, as an SaaS, supplies a data security model that is flexible and simple. Its pre-installed security tools let business owners or managers choose employees who can access their data.  

     Salesforce uses advanced technology that will keep your data secure from your competitors. When you log into your account, there is a small lock icon in the lower part of the browser display. It shows that the server has a completely secure connection. 

15. Compatible with non-profit activities

  They definitely have a heart for giving back to the community. For your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud is a way to promote employee volunteering and contributing donations from your workplace.

    Whenever you or your employees log in, there will be a dashboard that displays their volunteering hours and donations. Other than that, you can see your company’s overall activities in non-profit aspects.

16. Helps you follow your customer journey

    Its system helps marketers and sales reps track customers before they even become customers. You can use tools like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to participate in addressing the preferences of your consumers. 

     Salesforce keeps you connected to your customers across their entire journey. With Analytics, Salesforce’s services help you drive more sales and understand team performance. 

17. Enhanced teamwork 

  It enhances your connection with both your customers and teammates. Salesforce’s Chatter lets you get in touch with your colleagues on essential topics related to work. 

   You can add your employees to accounts that need their awareness. This eases the workload of your team as they know their priorities, and they can organize their tasks better. While they are doing their work, you can focus more on finalizing sales and leads. 

18. Payment method 

    The pricing system is reasonable and fair. Salesforce has a per-user fee that is annually billed. There are other pricing plans, within the editions of its CRM, that include three upgrades per year. This means that you will never receive extra payments for its innovation. 

     Another way you can pay is through Third Pillar’s Accelerated Packages that include Sales Cloud, Social Studio, and Service Cloud. 

19. Time management 

     All of your customer information, analytics, and other data are just in front of you. From there, you will notice how your company’s time management has changed because of Salesforce’s organized system. 

     There are features like the built-in calendar tools that help give a good view of your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly schedules. This makes it easier to consistently look for your potential leads. 

20. Keeps growing 

   This platform continuously evolves. Salesforce still creatively looks for new innovative ways to enhance services and products. They form partnerships and invest in systems like data analytics, AI, and web bots. 

     Salesforce has earned praise from industry influencers and the media. It is even ranked third on The World’s Most Innovative Companies list in Forbes.  This shows that they will find ways in enhancing tomorrow’s solutions. 

Third Pillar is grateful to partner with the world’s #1 CRM software. Our goal is to provide solutions that the list offers. We want to form lasting partnerships and help your business reach its goals.

Schedule a consultation, and we will help you integrate Salesforce into your software. Our team is always prepared to bring your business to the future