7 Salesforce CRM techniques that can help you grow your business

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30 Sep 2020
SalesForce CRM

As customer demands and expectations evolve, so do the marketing strategies needed to keep them satisfied, hence the evolution of customer relationship management (CRM) services. Salesforce CRM is the world’s leading CRM software and has shown thousands of companies the power of their services. 

Your customers are the single most valuable asset to your business, and Salesforce CRM can show you how to keep your customers happy and drive more growth to your brand at the same time.

Why is Salesforce CRM important?

Automates repetitive tasks

Every big task comes with hundreds of smaller ones that need completion first. There are forms, reports, and other issues that would require the team’s full attention. Powerful CRM softwares like Salesforce takes this weight off your shoulders by automating tasks that would otherwise be very tedious and repetitive. Automation will allow your teams to redirect their focus to closing leads, accommodating customers, and acquiring new ones.

Developing Customer Relationships

You can store all your customer information in one place, allowing you to better understand and respond to your customers. This will help you make their experience more relevant and personalized. When you cater to their needs, you can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Salesforce maintains an impressive track record of taking customer engagement to the next level through its many features and services.

Boost sales and revenue

When customers trust your company, they are more likely to recommend you, buy more of your products and services, buy more frequently, and even share their experiences. These could help expand your customer base and your sales. The convenience brought by Salesforce CRM also improves productivity within the team, makes customer information available to them anytime, and promotes seamless collaboration within multiple teams, all of which help boost company sales.

To take your business to the next level, make the most out of your CRM software. This can make or break your relationship with your customers and your business.

Marketing Automation in Salesforce CRM

As previously mentioned, Salesforce helps automates everyday tasks to improve efficiency in the business. To give you a better idea of how exactly their CRM software does this, here are 10 examples:

  • Collecting basic information, emails, and even web behavior of leads.
  • Notifying customers when a new product has been launched.
  • Sending an email to people who left their shopping carts without completing their purchase
  • Giving inactive customers a discount
  • Notifying customers when an item on their wishlist goes on sale
  • Updating customers on new products based on previous purchases
  • Sending a promo code with a birthday greeting
  • Sending customer satisfaction surveys
  • Chatbot for better customer service
  • Promoting similar products to the customer’s last purchase

Salesforce Marketing Automation is undoubtedly very beneficial to your business especially when integrated into everyday sales and marketing efforts. An improved system helps boost your ongoing campaigns minus the long, manual tasks. It also increases the chances of converting even the most hesitant leads into paying customers.

While these CRM examples and techniques lean towards communication with clients, Salesforce handles internal concerns equally. Forms, reports, and contracts could all be customized and automated for the teams to use, increasing their productivity and helping them manage their time and tasks.

7 Salesforce CRM Techniques  

We’ve compiled a list of useful CRM techniques that you could apply to your business. We use Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform for all marketing, sales, commerce, and IT needs. These techniques can all be done under Salesforce CRM to improve both internal and external communications.

  1. Opportunity Management

This allows you to study the activity timeline of your customers and see the most important details that could help decide your next move. You can track leads and manage conversions more efficiently to stay on top of both existing and potential opportunities your business may have. Salesforce Sales Cloud offers features that will allow you to streamline the sales process, provide guidance with real-time updates, and ensure that focusing on your clients will be absolutely hassle-free.

  1. Forecasting and Productivity Tracking

This kind of quote management for your products becomes simple with Salesforce CRM. When you track your products, Salesforce already shows the standard price, quantity, product code, and quoted price. It has a built-in quoting mechanism that can automatically quote client data so you can even establish the number of products as well as the revenue schedule, which will then reflect the delivery details. 

  1. Single view of marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns can improve brand awareness and help us reach our target audience. Salesforce CRM analytics allows you to run several campaigns and view them from a single platform. Marketing Cloud shows you real-time insights that you can observe to see how your campaigns are performing. It also lets you leverage AI to measure the end-to-end marketing effectiveness across all channels and devices. This helps guide your next decisions by giving a clearer picture of how your marketing efforts are affecting your company sales.

  1. Coordinating with partners

Coordinating with your partners can help improve your marketing collaterals and greatly influence the success of your campaigns. You will need an effective CRM software to allow for seamless collaboration. Luckily, Salesforce Partner and Channel Management Software can make that happen by helping you recruit and train your partners, then runs several programs that can incentivize their performance. You can also share your dashboards and reports with your partners to help them track their KPI and any opportunities that may come.

  1. Being in sync

Syncing between mobile phones, calendars, reporting, and other client interactions will definitely improve your CRM. A software that is accessible wherever you are will keep your attention on your customers and continuously improve the customer experience. Syncing your data also solves the problem of possibly having duplicate work because of its ability to update data in real-time, even across several working platforms.

  1. Using predictive analytics

Predictive analytics makes predictions based on past consumer purchases and behaviors. This allows marketers to utilize their customer data and insights to better accommodate their customers. Businesses always anticipate the market to find possible trends and patterns they could use to their advantage. Using a tool like Einstein Analytics uses more data than traditional analysis tools, so it collates billions of data points to produce accurate forecasts that can guide the way you interact with your customers. Einstein Analytics also gives real-time recommendations, model transparency, one-click storytelling, and more. 

  1. Finding ways to improve

An example of a success story is Coca Cola Germany and how they were able to instantly solve issues, connect with their customers better, and run their operations smoothly through Salesforce CRM. They were able to resolve customer concerns as a team because everything was connected on the platform, making it easily accessible and efficient. They also had a call center and repair department which was slow and overall unsatisfactory to the user. But ever since they connected to Service Cloud, technicians, sales teams, and customers all benefited. Their technical services departments have seen a 30 % increase in productivity because of CRM. This proves how continuously assessing your performance will help you find gaps to improve on and increase your chances of success.

Maximize the use of your CRM software

Markets are saturated, trends constantly change, and recent events could make customer needs more unpredictable. The overflowing amount of data to collect and analyze makes Salesforce’s CRM software more valuable to your company because it helps keep operations smooth and efficient. The need for organization and speedy resolution times to address both customer and company concerns are becoming much more urgent, so Salesforce could help your teams manage their tasks without the unnecessary manual work and stress. 

Develop a CRM strategy that can serve as a guide to how you can better accommodate your customers, discover new opportunities, and utilize a workflow that will be greatly beneficial to your business.

As a Salesforce partner, we can help bring you the same success thousands of companies have achieved through CRM. You can view our accelerated packages, check our CRM solutions, or contact us.