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We connect with people and transform their businesses.

Global enterprises advance to the next level through our human-centered approach and first-rate technologies.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, Third Pillar Business Applications, Inc. offers technology solutions that bring our clients to a new era of innovation. Throughout the years, we built partnerships with industry-leading solutions such as Salesforce, Syniti, Consus, Docusign, and Automation Hero to enable enterprise growth and progress. 

In 2020, we expanded and became a Globe Business Company. 

“The importance of digital solutions today is more pronounced than ever and we continue to enable our clients, be it top companies or small and medium businesses, to achieve the most from their digital transformation journey,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu. “The acquisition of Third Pillar expands our suite of cloud business offerings and this includes Software-as-a-Service applications, which is now the platform of choice of businesses who prefer faster service capabilities in a cost-effective manner.” (Globe, 2020) 

This partnership aims to provide our best-in-class solutions on a wider scale to enterprises and industries.

A year later, we responded to market demand and expanded in the Asia-Pacific region by opening our Singapore office.

Our Purpose

Third Pillar’s North Star is to help businesses succeed and serve better.  

We aim to provide future-proof solutions that empower enterprises of different sizes. Our mission is to equip businesses with solutions that enable them to become innovative leaders.

Our Founder & CEO

Jennifer S. Ligones, Third Pillar’s President and Chief Executive Officer, is a trusted name in the information technology community, having served in the industry for more than 20 years. Before founding Third Pillar in October 2013, she worked in companies such as IBM, and SAS Institute in the Philippines, and led SAP Philippines to double-digit growth as its Country Manager.

Ligones founded Third Pillar as a small organization and purposefully led its continuous expansion throughout the years. Having contributed to the success of multinational organizations with her singular brand of execution excellence, Ligones aims to propel a Filipino venture into the regional and global arena. 

Our Story

Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. was founded in 2013. Offering valuable experience and knowledge of business strategy and best in class solutions, we partner with clients to usher them in the new era of business. We provide custom solutions to organizations, thus enabling their continued growth and progress.

Our years of collaborating with and helping clients are marked by our aim to build solid, meaningful relationships with them. Our work with customers is not transactional. Cultivating true relationships with businesses allowed us to become a trusted consultant and provider of CRM, data management, and eProcurement solutions.

Our Purpose

Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. aims to be a globally recognized business partner in providing best in class services and solutions.

Our Mission is to provide proven premium solutions designed to rapidly transform businesses into innovative, competitive, and revenue earning organizations.

What We Offer You

To achieve our goal, Third Pillar Business Applications Inc.’s strategy is three-pronged:

Forge Alliances

Build Relationships

We believe that building meaningful and productive relationships with our clients is as important as the market-leading solution providers we partner with. We will continue to forge alliances with leading global solution providers such as Salesforce, Syniti, Consus, CPM Consulting, Eternus, Vlocity, and DocuSign

Effective Services

Effective Services

The key to superior service is through collaboration with and development of subject matter experts, industry experts, and technical consultants. Strong teams and appropriate training allow us to support our customers more effectively.

Excellent Execution

Excellent Execution

Every business we work with receives our brand of excellence in execution through our novel technologies and people-oriented approach.

The Third Pillar Difference

We combine innovative solutions from tried and tested providers with our sincere, collaborative approach. This ensures that we understand and adjust to your unique needs, leading to successful business transformation and growth.

We Look Out For Our Community

A bright future starts with a strong foundation. We believe that education builds a person’s character, inspiration, and integrity. With that said, Third Pillar sees the importance of making education within reach for all. As such, we respect the invaluable contribution of educators and do everything in our power to support their honorable profession.

To help their efforts, we advocate our 1-1-1 model, which entails giving back 1% of our time, 1% of our revenue, and 1% of our product to society. This integrated philanthropic approach allows us to consolidate our connections with people, knowledge of technology, and deeply rooted resources to bolster knowledge and rouse action to foster community growth.

Our Beneficiaries
“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of the fire.”
William Butler Yeast
Company Culture

We never turn our backs on our clients. We like to build the right relationship with them.

Meet The Team
Meet The Team
Industry Recognition

Our work and ability to connect with our clients and bring them into the new era with innovative solutions from our market-leading partners garnet consistent recognition.

Winner of Q1
ASEAN Go-Live Awards
Top 10 Salesforce Consulting Services/Companies
APAC CIO Outlook
25 Most Promising Sales & Marketing Service Provider
APAC CIO Outlook

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