Accounting Automation

How can Accounting Automation help your Business?

Companies spend many hours of manually encoding information from differently-formatted or even handwritten supplier invoices, resulting to slow invoice processing lead times.

With Intelligent Automation, we extract meaningful data from handwritten and digital documents with high accuracy by the industry’s most advanced AI models.

Faster invoice processing means quicker payment turnaround times that would improve supplier relationships and enable cash flow savings from early payment discounts. And as efficiency improves, accounting departments can elevate to more value-added roles, ultimately benefiting the organization.

With Automation Hero, you can address problems and issues such as:
Slow Invoice Processing
Delayed Payments
Productivity Concerns
Invoice Processing

Surpercharge your Invoice Processing with Intelligent Automations with Automation Hero!

How Does Invoice Processing Work

Most AP Departments struggle with invoice processing but with Automation Hero you can speed up your accounts payable department with this ground-breaking technology powered by Intelligent Automations!

Capture Invoices Efficiently

Capture invoices through all channels with powerful orchestration tools that Automation Hero offers. Avoid mundane time-consuming tasks like manually encoding information. You’ll be able to save your business valuable time to address more pressing issues.

Accurately Extract Data

With the proprietary character recognition technology, you’ll be able to recognize and read the information or data you want to use from all types of documents be it structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

Process Information Safely

It has enterprise-ready security measures in place, including monitoring and data governance to safely handle the most sensitive data.

You can extract specific data from different formats of invoice.

The powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology helps you read unstructured data seamlessly!

Download the E-book

This E-book discusses how Intelligent Automation can Supercharge your Invoice Processing!

Download the E-Book

This E-book discusses how Intelligent Automation can Super Charge your Invoice Processing!

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Watch how Automation Hero’s easy to build, Intelligent Automation help you process documents.

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Automation Hero

Adds Brainpower

Customizable templates around OCR, Classification and Extraction provide easy intelligence to any automation.


Scale from one to 1,000 servers to achieve your needs regardless of workload size.


It has enterprise-ready security measures in place, including monitoring and data governance.
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