Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Avoid tedious extractions and clean ups by having faster processing of invoices or receipts! With its no-code features, you can streamline the population of import templates and experience automated data extraction.

Pain Points Addressed

Things that slow down business processes

Bank statements have different formats and extraction requirements. Companies who use several accounts from different banks face tedious extraction and clean up before being able to upload to respective ERPs.

Even with a standard RPA implementation, any changes to banks’ website interface will cause disruptions to automation processes.


Valuable assets to increase ROI
  • Faster processing of receipts/invoices (75% ave. savings VS manual) 
  • Automated data extraction and validation from multiple sources
  • Streamline population of import templates
  • Scheduled uploading to trigger reconciliation
  • No-code, direct integration with core LOB systems
  • HITL: Exceptions handling with machine-learning capabilities

The Platform

Automation Hero goes beyond traditional automation by bringing together several components of process automation into an agile, end-to-end platform that rapidly automates work. 

The Third Pillar Difference​

We combine innovative solutions from tried and tested providers with our sincere, collaborative approach.

This ensures that we understand and adjust to your unique needs, leading to successful business transformation and growth.

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