Benefits of a Salesforce CRM Implementation Partner

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3 Feb 2022

As you accelerate your digital transformation strategies, it’s important to consider implementing software solutions like customer relationship management (CRM). However, once you pick Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM software, it’s time to choose the right implementation partner. 

Partners are significant in the process of executing your systems integration into platforms like Salesforce. They are there to help you seamlessly transform your business from your current setup to your new system.

At first, it is pretty challenging to choose which is best for your organization. It takes a lot of research, conversations, and getting to know the vendor well before you begin the integration. 

If you don’t know where to begin, our mascot, Professor 3P, is here to help. To discover more reasons you need to invest in this, let’s join his brief discussion. 

Understanding your needs 

Salesforce CRM solutions cover various departments’ businesses such as marketing, sales, service, nonprofits, and many more. The options in this software are diverse, but the challenge for you is choosing the Salesforce expert that suits your needs. 

A Salesforce study revealed that 90% of their customers rely on partner applications and experts. When you choose the right expert, they’ll find ways to understand your pain points and ensure that the implementation process will solve your business challenges. Building that type of relationship is mutually beneficial as it caters to you personally as adjusts to your company’s values.

Their Salesforce capabilities

Partners have specific expertise with Salesforce. Their certifications, credentials, and capabilities come to play. Some have specialties in modules like Sales Cloud and other customer data platforms.  

You can find exquisite partners and their experiences at Salesforce AppExchange. View companies like Third Pillar and their specializations and customer reviews on that platform. 

Maintaining Relationships 

After purchasing a solution from a Salesforce expert, choose a partner that would be there for you during every obstacle. In this business, relationships should go deeper than just an implementation contract as partners should be there for you in every step of your customer journey– and even while you’re using it daily!

Transparency is integral in choosing a Salesforce partner because your success is their success too. Like interpersonal relationships, relationships between businesses and implementers should also have honest and open communication between both parties.

After all, both you and the implementation partner do have the same goal in mind: bringing out the best of your business through top-of-line CRM practices.

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