Improving Customer Care to Soar Higher For An Aviation Company

Business Challenge

As a global industry, aviation bridges people, cultures, businesses across countries, and continents together. They make trade and tourism possible to drive economic growth, create jobs, and connect people. The best aviation companies do this by ensuring that the customer receives rich and satisfying experiences. They provide quality services that make sure that the customer is taken care of throughout the process. 

Our client is part of this industry — transporting passengers in various destinations. Their strategy of providing great value fares has been successful throughout their region. Despite their proven accomplishments, they want to give more to the customer. They want to improve visibility in monitoring the status of customers so they can serve them better. When a complaint comes along, they seek not just to resolve it but to recover the relationship with the customer. 

Their overall goal is to create customers for life. They want to build long-lasting relationships founded on reliability, dedication, and excellent service. With this in mind, we set out to achieve our client’s goals.

What Did Third Pillar Do

Our client was already using Marketing Cloud in sending promotional content so introducing new solutions from Salesforce went smoothly. Combined with our deep knowledge and expertise in the solution, we brought Salesforce Command Center to improve visibility for their customer care. Executives and agents can browse and view real-time data on support cases and customer sentiment. These provide executives with the right information and insights they can apply in making business decisions affecting the customer while promoting urgency and transparency throughout the organization.

In addition, since they wanted to resolve customer concerns across multiple platforms, we implemented Social Customer Service so they can resolve customer cases anywhere the customers prefer to communicate. This also connected previously disjointed teams handling inbound inquiries and complaints from web forms, emails, telephony, and social media. These allowed the teams to respond to customers in a more proactive and real-time method.

Outcomes Delivered

Our experience with Salesforce and introducing new solutions allowed us to complete a rapid go-live for our client. We empowered Customer Care Team in using Service Cloud, along with These factors combined with the project management provided by Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. enabled a rapid go-live. The customer care team is now using Service Cloud Marketing Cloud’s Command Center, Social Studio, and Social Hub to offer smooth and smart customer support.

Faster Response Times

As a result, they expedited their response time in social media from a couple of days to an average of 18 minutes, which is 160 times faster.

Improved Visibility

With new customer data points from Net Promoter Score and post-flight surveys, as well as consolidated views of customer journeys, our client raised their understanding of customer needs and improved the quality of their responses.