Banking and Financial Services

Improved Lead Generation and Management for a Financial Services Company

Business Challenge

The financial services industry empowers individuals, businesses, and corporations with various financial services, including banking, insurance, wealth management, and financial technology. It enables economic growth thus enabling people to enjoy higher standards of living. From promoting investments and savings, it can also provide financial protection against death, injury, disability, property loss, or any other damage.

Our client was a part of this, specifically, they offer various products, including Life Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Pension Plans, Education Plans, and Mutual Funds. They built trust and provided quality services among their policyholders resulting in many happy customers.

However, they want to broaden their horizons and improve their Lead Management process for better customer service and engagement, and revenue generation. In line with their goal, we came up with the following objectives:

  • Increase Lead Capture
  • Establish an Automated Process
  • Implement Activity Management
  • Integrate Lead Tracking

What Did Third Pillar Do

Using our past experience in dealing with financial service companies, we advised our client to adopt Salesforce Sales Cloud with Partner Community Cloud to establish a community cloud-based lead distribution.

Using Salesforce, our client can acquire leads from different platforms, including web-to-lead forms, portals, tradeshows, and events. These leads get distributed to sales advisors who can seamlessly access and review them through their Community logins. Advisors can also track and manage their leads until conversion.

To ensure that all leads are handled, we introduced an alphabetical round-robin assignment system in distributing leads to financial advisors.



Features and Tools

  • Web-to-Lead
  • Import Wizard
  • Salesforce Data Loader


  • IBM Cast Iron – to upload and update lead details to Salesforce
  • Ingenium – to integrate web services
  • QlikView – to prepare and view reports on lead conversion

Outcomes Delivered

Through our efforts, we streamlined the lead management process from their acquisition to their handling to the appropriate financial advisor.

Moreover, financial advisors were satisfied to utilize a tool that saves them time and improves the efficiency of their sales process. We automated routine and manual processes to enable them to focus on engaging and handling customers until closing or conversion.

For managers, they can easily track the performance of financial advisors, the marketing group, and sales partners due to the consolidated system in monitoring clients. This system also eliminated wasted efforts due to shared or duplicated clients.

Lastly, quantifiable lead conversion rates can now be translated to actionable insights to Sales Success.