Case Study: How did Third Pillar Help their Real Estate Client Grow?

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16 Jun 2021

Leads management and sales are two of the most important factors to keep track of when working in the real estate industry. By building and fostering relationships with their clients, real estate professionals will be able to create a strong network that can assure them a steady buildup of leads with their work.

But, with almost everything being handled remotely nowadays, how can real estate service agents keep track of their leads and sales records? Simple. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms!


Research shows that when using a CRM platform for real estate, one of many benefits a real estate company can expect is customer retention and data protection. It can also optimize a company’s existing system, further improving operations in the process

This is the case of this real estate company. They have been around for at least 10 years, and in those 10 years, they have been using the same customer service desk software for their company. In those 10 years, no substantial updates have been made, which made gaps and missing functionalities all the more apparent.

Some missing functionalities that they experienced included automatic ticket creation and lack of response templates to customer queries. This company also experienced poor speed and performance, and lack of dashboard reporting.

In partnership with Salesforce, we were able to provide this company with Service Cloud, which allowed them to bridge the gaps they had with customer interaction and case management, as well as handle leads management and billing more seamlessly.


With Service Cloud being implemented, this company experienced a myriad of positive outcomes, namely being able to promptly respond to customer queries, implement and align with service-level agreements (SLA), and document and record all customer interactions in their database.

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