How you can inspire more women to be in executive roles

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1 Mar 2021

How can you close the gender gap in your workplace? Well, it’s simple. You can be part of the solution by inspiring your employees to bring out their full potential. But first, let’s find out more about Filipino women at the C-suite level and other senior positions. 

A 2019 Makati Business Club study showed that the representation of women at the C-suite level is low. But fortunately, it showed that both women and men have almost the same confidence level relating to skills, education, and leadership potential. 

However, women have lower confidence levels to explore leadership roles. Only 88.4% of women have the confidence in taking opportunities to prepare for the leadership role compared to 94.8% of men. Around 70.4% of women and 87.1% of men have the confidence to take on a leadership role right away (Makati Business Club, 2019).

The research above showed the importance of why businesses should address this type of issue. The journey to closing this gap is far from over. 

On the bright side, a study from Grant Thornton International’s 2020 Women in Business showed that the Philippines has the highest amount of women executives holding senior management roles out of 35 countries. This report showed that the top three are chief finance officer (CFO), human resources (HR) director, and chief operating officer (COO). 

This data showed that businesses are making an effort to raise gender diversity in the workplace. Around 94% of Philippine organizations are taking measures to remove barriers affecting gender gaps at senior positions. 

What makes gender diversity so important? There are numerous reasons why businesses or corporations should tackle topics like these. But one of the importance of it is that you are giving women a chance. 

Research from CCL Innovation showed that having more women makes a business a better place to work. There might be so much hidden potential and missed out opportunities for industries, and that is why you should inspire more women to be leaders. 

Begin by learning how you can motivate them. Luckily, Professor 3P is here to show you how to inspire young women to take on executive roles. 

Flexible hours 

Flexibility is one of the most crucial benefits for employed women. If you want to retain your talented employees, then it is best to consider their schedules. After all, they might be raising families and doing other household errands. 

Having this type of system for your employees gives them the freedom to adjust their schedules and tasks for their work-life balance. Another advantage is that it makes them feel more valued, and it allows them to be more productive. A flexible schedule gives them the space to enhance their performance. 

Give all genders equal opportunities to enhance their skills

Treat them fairly by giving them equal opportunities in having promotions, raises, and workshops. Try making exercises and projects that train them to be efficient leaders. 

Keep in track of workplace bias 

Since it’s 2021, now is the time to find solutions to junk the bias. You can create conversations that will make it easier to eradicate bullying and discrimination in the workplace. This action will help more women to stay in your team. 

Strengthening their connections 

Having more connection with others lets your team know who to reach out to. You can do this by introducing experts and resources that will help women discover more about their industry.  

A 2019 report from Makati Business Club stated that both men and women see the value and importance of mentoring and support. But 73% of women believe that their current networks can support them with their career goals (compared to 83.2% of men).

With the help of increasing your networks, women in your workplace will gather more insights and the confidence they need. You can start by inviting your team members to webinars and workshops to learn more about improving their work performance. 

Encourage more women in leadership roles

Maintaining and encouraging women in senior roles usually results in more women inspired to work with your team. Seeing representation will help motivate them to take on managerial positions. 

One of the things you can do is highlight females’ successes, share their achievements, and enable connections. You can also encourage them to apply for leadership roles and join webinars to hear more stories about successful women in various industries. 

The list above shows why Third Pillar will celebrate Women’s Month this March. Our family wants to inspire and motivate others to pursue their career goals.