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8 Jan 2021

Every position in a business has its own challenges. That’s why our team would love to help you and your employees find the perfect business solutions. 

On our articles and social media, we will show videos that address business pain points from a c-level perspective. The animated clips will display the challenges of a growing company. It will also showcase how a relatable character accepts a technology that makes their department function better.

Hop in and join the journey of Technical Global (our fictitious telecommunications company) to reach its full potential in catching up with today’s technology. 

What are you waiting for? Start the trip by knowing our characters below. 

Sheryl Towers 

An ambitious individual who gives a hands-on approach in making her business strive, one of Sheryl’s main goals is to make her business change the world.

As Technical Global’s CEO, Sheryl aims to provide innovative strategies that keep her company stay ahead. She wants her business to have the most innovative technology, and at the same time, boost the productivity of her employees. 

Her main challenge is to create a strategy that keeps her business stable and employees productive. She wants to ensure her company has a good image to its target audience. One of her plans is to invest more in advanced tools that will help build Technical Global into a business for the future. 

Lori Forum

Her multicultural perspective and modern approach are what makes Lori an efficient chief marketing officer (CMO). She is an extroverted leader who uses her open-mindedness to gather creative ideas from the team. 

Lori’s assertiveness encourages them to let her team think outside the box and lookout for the best marketing strategies. She wants to implement an effective system that simply caters to her target market and increase sales. 

Her main goal is to create an empathetic strategy that helps make loyal customers feel more attached to Technical Global. But she sometimes encounters challenges that handle market uncertainties, bringing sales and marketing closer, and knowing the right software for her team. 

Marne Cargo

A chief operating officer (COO) with a clear set of goals in mind to effectively guide her team. Her work ethic shows that she is organized, strategic, and down-to-earth. 

She appreciates ideas, talent, and efforts to keep Technical Global stable. Marne is a multitasker who can stay on top of everyday activities. As a COO, she helps her colleagues make the best decision for the operations. 

One of her main challenges is to deal with the increasing pressure of the supply chain. She also has to address issues that make it hard to release the products. 

Mark Techmann

Mark is a tech-savvy person who ensures that innovation is at the core of Technical Global. As a chief technical officer (CTO), he finds solutions to improve the technological system of Technical Global.  

He is the type who helps his employees whenever it comes to technical difficulties, especially during meetings. Mark tends to show his enthusiasm and passion whenever he shows his opinion in front of his team members. 

One of his main challenges is to provide security to his network. He wants to ensure that his team finds the right approach in the process of digital transformation. 

Nolan Currenfields 

A financially intelligent individual who always looks at the bigger picture of the company, Nolan has a vision that stands out from the rest. 

He is a chief financial officer (CFO) who has a deep understanding of money and business. Nolan always practices ethical standards and is not afraid of taking risks. He aims to effectively manage and track Technical Global’s financial activities. 

Sometimes, he goes through obstacles that involve legal expenses, regulatory requirements, and prioritizing digital investments. Nolan wants to effectively handle these challenges and organize all the high priced budgets in one place. 

Dennis Smith

He is a customer engagement office who believes in the idea that customers deserve a hassle-free personalized experience. Dennis is the bridge of trust and loyalty between the company and clients. 

He wants his agents to provide the perfect services for the customers. As a customer engagement officer, he creates strategies that display plans from start to finish. 

One of his challenges is to find an organized solution that promotes proactive communication. He wants to know the company’s loyal customers better so that his team can predict what they want. Dennis wants a centralized system that can help his agents.


Last but not least… Say hello to Third Pillar’s new mascot! He is a cute robot who comes to the rescue whenever the characters above are in the middle of their challenges. This character is always there to give out solutions that suit what the c-levels need. 

It shows how we approach your business like a good friend and provide the technology you deserve. We at Third Pillar want you to experience the future of making your company more innovative than ever. 

We always value our clients the way 3P takes care of the other c-level characters. To know more about our solutions, click here and get in touch with us. 

Stay tuned for our next animated clip of Third Pillar!