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When collecting data, companies go through the problem of understanding and transforming this information into usable strategies and insights. Only through an efficient data management process can they achieve reliable reporting based on high-quality data. This is where Third Pillar comes in.

In partnership with Synity, we assist companies in performing this vital process with services ranging from consulting to full implementation.

Data Management Company

Our data expertise, complemented with intelligent software and packaged solution accelerators, allows us to solve large and complex enterprise data transformation challenges.

Through automation and AI and machine learning technologies, our software is capable of data migration, data quality, analytics, master data management, metadata management, and information governance initiatives. In the hands of Third Pillar, we build synergy between data and business to advance enterprise knowledge, unlock new opportunities, streamline processes, and stimulate business transformation and growth.

Problems that Third Pillar Solves

Working with us saves you the following problems commonly found in ineffective data management:

Data Management Services We Render

Third Pillar’s offerings turn raw data into usable insights and strategies for informed business decisions.

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Data Governance

To properly make use of data, we give you efficient and clear data governance strategies and policies in gathering, storing, processing, analyzing, and accessing data. This enterprise-wide approach will inform you of user roles, rights, and responsibilities, along with data-related standards and metrics.

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Data Assessment

Our teams thoroughly analyze your data by completing over 150 data quality checks from related sub-modules. We filter through the raw data and give insights including data relevancy, gap analysis, business data readiness, and target readiness. In addition, we offer our advice and recommendations on what should be your next steps in data remediation.

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Data Quality

Low-quality data is unusable and may impede your business. They take many forms from duplicated, incomplete, erroneous, or obsolete data. Syniti’s tools proactively identify and resolve data quality issues in a user-friendly and cost-efficient way. With our systems, your data can certainly transform into effective strategies for your company.

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Data Strategy

Effective data management solutions complement their new tools, processes, and quality data with proven strategies that will fulfill your organization’s needs. With the support of Syniti’s career data professionals, you can prepare a roadmap that guarantees a return on investment; clean, business-ready data; and alignment with industry standards and regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA.

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Master and Metadata Management

We ensure data quality and cleanliness by developing a plan for enterprise-wide master and metadata management. Thoroughly reviewing internal and external data sources and existing technologies, we establish standards and metrics to monitor and assess your master and metadata.

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Data Integration

Cluttered data lead to reports that give poor and incomplete information. To get a better picture from your data, you must unite and integrate the varying data sources into each other. We do this by creating relevant BI or big data architecture or a data warehouse or data lake design. While we arrange them into usable insights, your reporting becomes more comprehensive.

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Data Migration

To ensure the safety and security of data, we assess and determine which data are sensitive and critical. Afterward, we create a data migration plan. We automate the process to expedite the time and mitigate errors. Then we perform a final check to ensure that no data was lost. Our end-to-end management of large and complex data migration projects improved efficiency and reduced costs and risks, resulting in more than 30%–40% savings.

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Data Extraction

No matter how unorganized your data is, we can still process and analyze it according to your needs. We do this by loading it into a data warehouse or data lake if it’s taken from various sources. Then we deploy an automated data extraction process to acquire valuable insights no matter the origin.

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Data Enrichment

Relevant and usable data can come from surprising and unlikely sources. We recommend additional and new data sources so you can obtain better insights, make informed decisions, and more accurately forecast outcomes. These supplementary data can support or even be vital to your existing data sets.

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Data Security

Data is vital to efficiently running a business. Make sure they don’t get into the wrong hands. Allow us to evaluate your business specifics and implement best practices on your current approach to enterprise information management. By assessing the capacity and reliability of your architecture and technology stack, we can recommend ways to tighten your security.

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Data Architecture Audit and Implementation

If you have an existing data architecture, we can perform a quality check to ensure it aligns with data management standards and procedures. We complete an in-depth health check of your data warehouse, including its performance and security. In line with this, we are also equipped in deploying BI or big data solutions from the ground up.

Our Models and Packages


We advise you in replacing, implementing, or configuring your data management solution.

Consulting & Implementation

We consult and implement the solution from scratch to improve your business processes.

In ensuring you get reliable and valuable data, Third Pillar partnered with a trusted leader in data governance, Syniti.

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