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Third Pillar assists clients of all sizes, from startups, SMEs, and large enterprises, in deploying and implementing Salesforce into their business processes. As a Salesforce Gold Consulting partner, clients from the largest organizations come to us for their various Salesforce solutions and requirements.

Our teams are focused on finding business challenges, which result in uncovering the correct business processes and solutions.

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Are you planning to introduce the #1 CRM solution to your business?

As an experienced and trusted Salesforce development company, Third Pillar is your best choice in integrating the software to your business processes. Through our expertise and strategies, your company will run more efficiently and give your customers a more rewarding experience.

What Third Pillar Does Best

When Third Pillar engages with clients, we only use an approach centered on strong relationships, world-class solutions, and effective implementations.

We complement these with the following:

Salesforce Solutions Offerings by Third Pillar

Our expertise ranges across various services and products from the world’s #1 CRM software.


Installation and Configuration

Third Pillar’s dedicated experts identify challenges and improve your business processes by arranging the proper setup of the Salesforce platform. Our experts ensure that the system helps you resolve business challenges and not introduce new ones.


Custom Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce offers the choice to fully customize the service with numerous options. Third Pillar taps into this by enabling our experts to tailor and optimize the software based on your business needs.


Salesforce Integration

Using Salesforce cloud APIs and middleware, we help our clients introduce the Salesforce system in their various platforms. We manage different integrations related to the user interface, security, business logic, and big data in the cloud and within the premises.


Marketing Cloud

B2B and B2C initiatives and campaigns can take advantage of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It gives you a 360-degree view of your audience by enabling social listening and collecting and managing real-time data from your customers.


Sales Cloud

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, your team gets a centralized system that allows them to connect with their customers easily. Wherever they are, your team will receive usable insights and data that lets them sell smarter and more efficiently.


Service Cloud

Keep your customers happy by providing exceptional customer service anytime and anywhere. Salesforce Service Cloud improved customer satisfaction by as much as 26% and expedited resolution time by 41%.

Salesforce Partners and Integrations

Salesforce works with many partners in integrating new features and functions to their solution. These partners extend the ways you can use Salesforce depending on your needs so you can take on any business challenge.


Introduce an industry-specific Cloud and Mobile App provider built on top of Salesforce to your organization.


Prepare, sign, execute, and handle customer agreements through digital platforms without leaving Salesforce.

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