Bringing a Collaborative Approach to Solutions Implementation

For data management, Third Pillar trusts Syniti, a leader in creating synergies between data and business. For more than 20 years, the firm’s top data specialists helped countless companies and enterprises unlock unlimited power inherent in data. From data assessment, data migration, data quality, data strategy, data replication, master data management, data archival, and data analytics, the firm is a useful ally in your data journey.

About Our Partner

Originally founded as BackOffice Associates, the company aimed to solve the data challenges of businesses. Millions of data and a name change later, Syniti has become leading data experts with numerous clients globally. Presently, they employ over 900 data specialists in 25 offices spread across the world. Using their tried and tested industry expertise and methodologies, they take charge of various data transformation projects for Forbes’ Global 2000 organizations.

Syniti Solutions and Platforms

In collaboration with Syniti, Third Pillar integrates our data expertise, smart solutions, and proven methodologies to unlock the best outcomes for your business.

Syniti Knowledge Platform Icon

Syniti Knowledge Platform

Your existing data and knowledge still have secrets to reveal. Our solutions allow you to discover and reuse valuable information and insights stashed away in your data.

Syniti One Methodology Icon

Syniti One Methodology

Gain more insights through a flexible data-centric methodology that implements harmonization, migration, and integration while applying data quality, data governance, and data analytics techniques.

Data Stewardship Platform Icon

Data Stewardship Platform

Facilitate the manage-design-build lifecycle of data using a comprehensive platform.

Data Quality Icon New

Data Migration

Unlock new insights and knowledge trapped in data after it is migrated from your existing solutions.

Data Quality Icon

Data Quality

You can rest assured that your data is relevant and usable with simple and cost-effective data quality management.

Data Replication Icon

Data Replication

Easily replicate data and capture change data in real-time.

Master Data Mgt. Icon

Master Data Management

Your master data is handled by qualified experts using proven approaches.

Information Mgt. Icon

Information Management

They collect, analyze, and report the data that defines your business.

Central Finance Icon

Central Finance

Introduce advanced data mapping and integration that is reliable and repeatable in real-time.

Data Archival Icon

Data Archival

You can decrease risk and reduce your dependence on costly and unintuitive legacy systems.

Data Analysis

Data Analytics

We analyze and report on data and insights that provide exceptional business value.

Data Connectivity

Data Connectivity

Never lose access to your data with high-performance connectivity products.

Data Workbench Icon

Data Workbench

Our software helps users in uploading business data in SAP modules using familiar and intuitive third-party services.

Data Assessment Icon New

Data Assessment

Improve your data quality, data migration, and information governance initiatives.

Data Strategy Icon New

Data Strategy

You can count on business strategies appropriate for your data, policies, resources, and people.

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