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Third Pillar partners with Vlocity, the leading industry-specific Cloud and Mobile App provider. Developed in partnership with Salesforce, the company provides analytics, data migration, mobile development, back-office integration, and omnichannel sales and service. Founded in 2014, the company gained over $100 million in revenue as part of Salesforce AppExchange.

About Our Partner

Vlocity is one of the fastest-growing Salesforce partners. Recognized as a three-time Forbes Cloud 100 winner and Salesforce’s Strategic ISV Partner, the company achieved this by committing to increasing sales, service and marketing performance, and operational efficiency. With their dedication to innovation, customer relationships, and values, Vlocity provides its platforms to companies in key industries such as Communications, Energy & Utilities, Health, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, and the Government.

Vlocity’s Digital Interaction Platform

Vlocity is the world’s leading industry cloud app platform that promises to attain customer value faster and more cost-effective compared to custom solutions. Through its Digital Interaction Platform, the company simplifies the software experience to allow their users to focus on what they do best — serving their customers.


Vlocity Omniscript™

Develop and implement flexible and engaging customer interactions across various channels and devices without messing with code.

Industry Console

Vlocity Industry Console

On a single page, you can manage multiple guided flows for each customer that contacts you.


Vlocity Dataraptor™

Utilize declarative data mapping and REST interfaces in handling raw and complicated data structures in Salesforce.


Vlocity Process Engines

Provide and recommend customized offers, products, and rates and fees in line with easily configured rules.

Mobile and Wear

Vlocity Mobile & Vlocity Wear

Access client information on the go with enterprise apps that help you fill up, manage, and submit forms.


Vlocity Clickstream Analytics

Analytic capabilities and their communications app identify actionable insights for customers using the Salesforce Wave Analytics platform.

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