Salesforce COE

Salesforce Center of Excellence (COE)

Here at Third Pillar, we recognize the importance of your Salesforce projects and value your investment. That’s why we offer our Center of Excellence end-to-end application support!

What You Can Expect with COE

  • Assess the impact of all future implementations on all existing features and modules.
  • Assess the impact of all incidents/defects and requests from the Customer’s business stakeholders.
  • Ensure new implementations do not adversely affect any existing features and modules.
  • Implement low-grade User Stories deemed within parameters.
  • Provide expert assistance to Customer’s project teams
  • Monitor and control all features, updates, and implementations deployed.
  • Plan and execute release management and refresh activities in coordination with the Customer.

Implement Salesforce with Third Pillar

Our team of subject matter experts and Salesforce Certified Consultants have the necessary skills, credentials, and experience to help you optimize your Salesforce CRM systems.


Our team has years of experience in Salesforce CRM implementation and customization. Stay up-to-date on the latest features, best practices, and trends with Third Pillar!

Managed services

We offer managed services to help businesses optimize their Salesforce CRM systems and ensure they are running at peak performance.

Certified Salesforce Partner

We work closely with Salesforce to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.