Healthcare Case Study

Salesforce Service Cloud for Customer Service Improvement for a Healthcare Company
Business Challenge

It’s a fact of life that people get sick. That’s why it’s also a fact of life that healthcare will always be important. While the primary goal of a healthcare company is to provide medical services to patients, a healthcare company is a business with its own needs. One of those is to have an effective method of handling its patients and customers. Providing dependable and quality service that addresses customer needs is crucial. Constant and consistent communication with patients ensures they feel taken care of mentally as much as they do physically.

When Third Pillar came in, our healthcare client has been trying to implement System Applications and Products (SAP) Cloud for Customer (C4C) for nearly a year. However,a lack of key features on their Customer Service Desk prevented them from providing engaging and satisfying customer service.

Our client’s goal is to be the leading Health Maintenance Organization chosen for its high-quality services. They are dedicated to satisfying their customers by improving and prioritizing their core competencies, including Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Collaboration, and Innovation. In coordination with them, we are dedicated to achieving that goal.

What Did Third Pillar Do

We partnered with Salesforce in implementing Salesforce Service Cloud to their company. Through the solution, our client will be able to offer a faster and more personalized service to their customers.

Much like other prior healthcare clients, effectively connecting our client with its customers was our priority, so in terms of objectives, Third Pillar identified the following to improve their performance:

Our client went through a rigorous review process in choosing the right solution for them. We competed among the SAP C4C and Zendesk.

Outcomes Delivered

Through our track record as a partner along with the features, scalability, and potential for growth of our solution, our client picked Third Pillar. We successfully and quickly delivered the Salesforce Service Cloud solution in one Sprint development cycle of 4 weeks.


Salesforce Service Cloud – Provide first-rate customer service and engagement anytime and anywhere to keep their customers satisfied and happy.

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