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30 Jun 2020

How do you receive treatment without going to the hospital? How do you have a medical check-up without ever meeting in person? The post-pandemic world limits contact between doctors and patients, forcing the receiving of medical care to be more difficult. For both safety and efficiency, hospitals and clinics have to minimize or outright eliminate physical contact when it comes to non-COVID-19 related medical concerns.

Enter, Telehealth and Telemedicine.

On June 17, Third Pillar invited notable figures from around the industry to share their thoughts and insights into the various aspects of telehealth and how the industry can move forward. Moderated by Quintin Pastrana of ANC’s On the Money and EntrepLab, our guests spent the hour discussing the healthcare landscape.

A few highlights from our panelists:

  • Dr. Christine Puey of Metro Bacolod Hospital highlighted that the need for digital consultations and cashless payment options has encouraged an evolution towards telehealth and telemedicine during the pandemic.
  • Jojy Azurin of Medixserve talked about how the goal is to provide a platform that speeds up diagnosis and care for both the doctors and patients through EMR.
  • Sylvia Stolk of Maxicare noted the efforts made towards minimizing wait times and accelerating system implementations to allow doctors to focus on their patients while doing more with fewer resources.
  • Jay Fajardo of MEDIFI emphasized that the immediate healthcare need is access to all services whether it be EMR, on-demand consultations, or payment options.

Catch the rest of what they had to say here:

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