Third Pillar announces exclusive partnership with Eternus Solutions to strengthen CRM arm

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30 Jun 2020

In a bid to improve the delivery of innovative CRM best practices in the Philippines, Third Pillar Business Applications, Inc., the country’s leading provider of Salesforce solutions, announced today its exclusive partnership with Eternus Solutions Private Limited, a global services provider known for its expert CRM implementation services.

Third Pillar is a trusted business partner to some of the largest companies in the country. They provide solutions designed to help organizations become more innovative, cost-effective, and profitable, in the areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Governance and eProcurement.

Eternus Solutions is known to provide expert consulting, development, and implementation services for complex CRM projects. With a huge pool of certified Salesforce consultants, Eternus Solutions has built their exceptional track record of successful projects in various domains for many of their global Fortune 500 clients.

Jennifer Ligones, CEO of Third Pillar, said that through its partnership with Eternus Solutions, the company can give better consultancy services, especially in Salesforce, the number one CRM solution in the world.

“Partnering with Eternus made sense since we believe that they can bring a wealth of experience to Third Pillar and our clients,” said Ligones. “Eternus Solutions has implemented more than 1,000 projects in Salesforce globally and has over 300 consultants on board with advanced skill sets. So there was no question on our part that Eternus can help us in handling complex CRM projects.”

Shreyas Merchant, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Eternus Solutions, said that his company’s expertise in working with multinational companies enabled them to develop best practices in delivering complex business solutions and services.

“Customers want to work with a company that can lead the entire implementation not just from the management perspective but also in achieving industry standards,” said Merchant. “Eternus Solutions has always been capable of bringing stability when it comes to implementing solutions, especially in CRM—that, I think, is the biggest value that we can bring to the Philippine market through this partnership. Having one of the largest pool of certified professionals in India, we want to give Third Pillar the complete support in terms of providing value to their clients.”

Merchant also said that partnering with Third Pillar was a no-brainer. With Third Pillar’s excellent track record, Eternus Solutions aims to bring good synergy to open relations in each of their skill set to provide the right solutions to the clients.

“We take pride that we have good relations with our customers. If you are incapable of delivering excellent projects, then you will not have a business with them again,” said Ligones. ”In a way, Third Pillar and Eternus Solutions share the same mindset. Proof to this is the fact that we still have our first five customers since we started operations in the country.”

Ligones said that now, with Third Pillar and Eternus Solutions partnership, they can bring the best practices, conforming to all viable industry standards from data security to quality perspective in delivering solutions and services, to their clients.

Third Pillar was named one of the 25 most promising sales and marketing solutions provider in 2016 by CIO Outlook Magazine, a Silicon Valley magazine that features news on emerging technologies and products, industry trends and research, and innovation in the tech industry. It is the only IT company in the Philippines to be part of the list. Moreover, the company is now a certified Salesforce Gold Consulting partner.