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1 Feb 2024

Manila, Philippines – Last January 20, 2024, Third Pillar participated as one of the leading Salesforce partners in Philippines Dreamin’ 2024.The sold-out event hosted by Salesforce MVP, Joey Chan, invites tech leaders and developers from around the region to gather Trailblazers paving the way for innovation and industry standard practices. With all the developments underway, everyone was eager to dive into the latest advancements and chart the future of customer experiences fueled by Artificial Intelligence through Salesforce. 

The Third Pillar Team with Philippines Dreamin’ 2024 Host, Joey Chan

Third Pillar shines through with a warm embrace of collaboration, weaving a tapestry of diverse talents and perspectives that defined Philippines Dreamin’ 2024. Generative AI dreams shared alongside data-driven blueprints showcased the boundless potential when Trailblazers unite. From the transformative power of generative AI to practical data modeling workshops, Philippines Dreamin’ 2024 showcased the immense talent and innovative spirit thriving within the Trailblazer community.

From industry veterans to emerging talents, everyone was welcomed to fully experience the unique blend of innovation, inspiration, and networking that Salesforce has been known for. Ideas flowed freely, connections were forged, and the power of collaborative learning was felt throughout the day.

Third Pillar Speakers
Left to Right: Patrick Segovia (Head of Marketing), Christene Mantuano, Kel Mojado

As the Philippines’ premier Salesforce Summit Partner, Third Pillar joined in shortly to talk about its perspective on the budding Salesforce community in the country and the abundant opportunities that come with it.

Third Pillar’s Director of Enablement, Kel Mojado, and Senior Consultant, Christene Mantuano, shared their experiences as Trailblazers and how working with and being part of such a vibrant and dynamic community has fueled their professional growth and success. 

Over the years, Third Pillar has become the country’s trusted partner for business growth. Having successfully implemented over 200+ projects, Third Pillar has helped the top Filipino enterprises reach new heights with the best enterprise IT solutions. 

As businesses continue their digital transformation journey, technologies such as those from Salesforce will become integral to creating superior customer journeys. Thankfully, Third Pillar and the Filipino Trailblazer community will be there to deliver.

Philippines Dreamin’ 2024 is a testament to the country’s burgeoning Salesforce talent pool. Fueled by passionate individuals and a supportive community, the Philippines is more than prepared to help businesses at the global level. 

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