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15 Jan 2021

Did you know there is a software that helps meet your customers’ expectations? Did you know that it also helps you become closer to other departments with its 360-degree view? If you’re looking for that software, then Salesforce is for you!  

Dennis, the customer engagement officer in Technical Global (our fictional company), was unable to allocate enough time and resources to build a customer engagement plan in the past. Their outdated system also contributed to the struggle in reaching them when customers needed assistance.

He solved this challenge after 3P taught him about the meaning of Salesforce. In this  lecture, Professor 3P will  teach you about what Salesforce is and what it does. 

Let’s take a look below at what Professor 3P taught Dennis that made Technical Global meet customers’ expectations. 

So what is Salesforce? 

Want another reason why you should choose Salesforce? They are ranked #1 in CRM, #1 in Sales, #1 in Marketing, and #1 in Service!

They maximized the use of cloud technology and created a number of applications that businesses could use. These applications could also give you insights and data about your services. You can also know how to utilize the technology to improve in connecting with your customers,  addressing their concerns, and optimizing their campaigns.

Image from Salesforce

Salesforce is here to make you closer to your customers! It can help you better understand your clients, and you can build customer loyalty to increase your sales. 

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Now let’s break it down into numbers. Salesforce claims that companies who use their software observe:

Despite being known for its CRM solutions, Salesforce has a diverse selection of services ranging from marketing to analytics to commerce and more. I will show you what areas they tackle right here:

So as you can see, Sales Cloud can help you manage your sales and ensure that your team is productive. Having this tool sounds like a Sales rep’s dream! 

Choosing Service Cloud sounds like a great way to enhance your customer service! It is crucial to address customer needs with an omni-channel view. 

It’s pretty obvious why Marketing Cloud is a must-have for all the marketers out there. This solution is the key to help make your marketing strategies alive. 

Have an online store? Then Commerce Cloud is the perfect fit! This cloud can help you become closer to your customers with a personalized approach. 

From what we can see, Heroku is great for engagement. It helps shift your app’s database from Postgres to Salesforce database. Now that sounds like a clean and organized way to see your customers! 

If you’re planning to build an app, then this platform is for you! The Lightning Platform has the tools to easily personalize and customize apps. 

Like what we had seen above, your data can be adaptable. What makes MuleSoft awesome is that you can integrate your data from any software to send urgent projects. 

Einstein Analytics is so simple to the point where there’s no need to prepare data or control models. Just put your information in Salesforce, and your Einstein-backed features will use that data to make intelligent predictions about your customers.  

This shows the versatility of Salesforce whenever it comes to providing various industries. All you have to do is click here to know more about Salesforce Industries. 

As we can see, Community Cloud connects everyone together. You can finally have a simple way to communicate with your team and customers. 

Based on what is stated above, Quip can enhance productivity by making it easy for your teams to execute their projects. Now is the time to know more about Quip for Sales and Quip for Service

Image from Quip 

Salesforce has taken the world by storm with one partnership, one development, and one added feature after another. They easily secured their spot year after year as the #1 CRM software with their variety of applications that cater to all kinds of businesses. 

As they continue to capture the interests of many different businesses, we at Third Pillar can guarantee that our Salesforce solutions can give your business the same success. You can view our solutions or contact us about how we can help you! 

Until next time!