WiTech: How it inspires others to close the gender gap in the tech field

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29 Mar 2021

This March 31st at 11:00AM, Third Pillar will be hosting a live webinar with the founder and executive director of WiTech, Audrey Pe. Before we get to the event in the upcoming days, we will explain what this organization is all about. 

It all started with a sophomore high school student who wanted to learn how to code online. However, this 15-year-old girl witnessed the large gender gap in the technology field. She also experienced being discouraged from working in tech at a young age.

At one point, Audrey Pe’s past experiences made her motivated to share stories and advocate for more representation of women in STEM. She then founded WiTech or Youth for Women, Inc., a nonprofit organization aiming to improve the tech industry by educating, inspiring, and empowering the young generation to shatter gender gaps and embrace diversity. It also aspires to make a difference by using technology. 

Image from UNICEF Connect 

She interviewed women from AOL to Stanford and posted feature articles to promote their stories and experiences in a male-dominated field. 

This organization has kept on growing ever since founded in 2016. A year after being established, it became a community organization where students host women in tech conferences (WitCon) for other students to encourage both girls and boys to close the gender gaps in this industry. 

WiTech came a long way since it started out as a blog. Now, it has more than twelve chapters around the world! It even reached more than 1070 students and fresh grads. 

It looks like the WiTech family is going to keep on growing. Just recently, they hosted their annual WitCon event last March 26-28. This online gathering aimed to represent Filipino women in STEM and other developments in this industry and the arts in the pandemic. It featured conversations and workshops revolving around that theme. 

Aside from that annual event, they also hosted WiTalks, STEMForward, WiTech Roadshow, and Online Tech Camp. You can find out more about them right here.  

Image from WiTech

Ever since WiTech started, Audrey worked on projects about technology and education. She is now 19 and a freshman student at Stanford University. She also had many accomplishments throughout the years and gained many recognitions

She will be our special guest in our upcoming live webinar, The Power of Now, and discuss with Third Pillar’s c-levels about their experiences and lessons in the tech industry. Our goal for this event is to inspire more young women to achieve their dreams of being tech experts.  

Get a chance to gather crucial insights in our upcoming webinar. All you have to do is sign up on the Everbrite link below to save the date!