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8 Apr 2021

As the COVID-19 cases rise in the Philippines, businesses should create safe return-to-work strategies for their employees. It is crucial to use the technology needed to make a reopening plan once the lockdown restrictions ease.

The alarming amount of active cases shows that your business needs an organized software that monitors your employees’ safety while continuing to function. Is there a solution to this challenge businesses are facing today? Yes, there is! 

Last year, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce, established Work.com. It is a collection of solutions, resources, and apps to help leaders to reopen their business safely. 

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Right now, you’re probably wondering how this technology works. That is why we’re going to show you our scenario of what happened at a fictitious company called Technical Global. 

The chief executive officer (CEO), Sheryl, realized she needed to find ways to keep her employees safe after she noticed the cases rising. She wanted to ensure that her office will have the right resources in opening smoothly after the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). 

Sheryl also wanted her business to be better prepared for a future crisis and reskill her employees. Although, it seemed like it was a lot, and she didn’t know where to start.

Luckily, Professor 3P came to the rescue and introduced her to Salesforce’s Work.com. After his guide, Sheryl saw her business became more adaptable to the new normal. 

Let’s check out Professor 3P explaining below about the features of this platform and how it helped Technical Global in the long run. It looks like it’s time to hop into his class. 


Workplace Command Center

This is where Work.com is centralized. It is also where department leaders can study, view, and act on the data to reopen their company without any risks. It is the place to take action in shifting schedules and employee wellness with the data needed all in one platform. 

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The Workplace Command Center is a flexible solution that makes it easier for your team to monitor your staff’s safety. With this platform, your team can: 

It shows the importance of prioritizing the wellbeing of your workforce while respecting their privacy too.  The Workplace Command Center is a platform where you can check the tools in one place. This feature is a great guide to let you know the safest time to go back into the workplace. 

Employee Wellness Check

With this Work.com tool, you can survey your employees, gather insights through wellness data (based on the geographical location), office branch, and health status.  It can all be viewed in secured dashboards. 

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You can also make or customize your employee’s health survey and integrate it with the Workplace Command center to check the wellness direction. Now that’s what I call a way to take care of your team! 

The Contact Tracing App

Even though it is a huge investment, it will be worth it in the long-term. Contact tracing is crucial in a pandemic because it plays a role in slowing down the virus.  This solution lets you: 

Contact tracing can help your team detect who is infected and the ones they got exposed to. This feature is essential, not only for your company but also for the community as a whole. 

Emergency Response Management (ERM) 

This app is perfect for the public and health organizations to use the solutions needed in utilizing resources in a crisis. It includes the service and tools for detecting and connecting with patients or citizens, and helps monitor them remotely while giving the proper care.  

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You can also use this tool to do contact tracing, manage the resources and service requests, and have a mobile app that lets your team get insights and track tasks remotely. They can plan their visits too with this app. ERM can play a role in making your company more prepared for sudden challenges!

Shift Management and Planning app

This tool lets you manage site capacity, utilize employee schedules, and continue your business to function. What makes this awesome is that it also helps your team limit people in areas like elevators, offices, and lobbies. 

Shift Management and Planning can also help you analyze safe capacity in your workplace, inform employees to send their available times, confirm schedules, and get notifications from their mobile phones. 

Volunteer and Grants Management (Salesforce.org)

If you are part of a nonprofit, then it’s time to consider using Volunteer and Grants Management. This solution will help your organization connect with volunteers, form virtual signups, and send them reminders. It is a guide to track charitable programs through Einstein Analytics and review the process of grant-making. 


In a crisis, your team must learn to adjust to a different working environment and follow new protocols. They even have to discover ways on how they should contact clients. 

myTrailhead aims to let your team learn skills, keep track of their training, and provide them effective content kits. It’s always essential for you and your team to explore different abilities in benefiting the industry. Maybe one day, it will make a positive impact on your company’s growth. 

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We understand that restrictions these days are making it difficult for you and your team to be back on track. But we believe that you can still grow stronger than ever before. That is why you must have the right solutions to make your business adaptable and cost-effective. 

In times of sudden shifts, Third Pillar is here for you. We aim to ensure that you get the innovative technology you need for challenging situations, no matter what industry. 

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